Tale of the Bitcoin Kid: Learn about earning (Book 1)

$ 1.99
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    • Tale of the Bitcoin Kid: Learn about earning (Book 1)
    • Tale of the Bitcoin Kid: Learn about earning (Book 1)

    Tale of the Bitcoin Kid: Learn about earning (Book 1)

    $ 1.99
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    The Tale of the Bitcoin Kid tells the story of a boy named Alex, his software engineer father and his internationally acclaimed artist mother. Together the three navigate the complicated Bitcoin landscape and emerge with a moral tale of learning and earning.

    The Tale of the Bitcoin Kid is a graphic novel that explains Bitcoin, and is ideal for kids or people of any age really. We learn about earning with Alex, as he comes to grips with the Bitcoin basics.

    The use of Bitcoin is a topic fraught with mis-communication, rumours and bad affiliations. Writer and Bitcoin advocate, Joanne Falvey, wants to tell a different story.

    This is a digital PDF download.

    About the Author

    Joanne Falvey is a fiction and nonfiction writer, in a range of genres. She has a Masters of Creative Writing from University of Technology in Sydney, and became a Lifetime member of the Bitcoin Foundation in early 2013. Joanne has two sons and now lives in Canberra, Australia.

    Joanne Falvey is a writer and Bitcoin Advocate in Sydney, Australia. Her current focus is on Bitcoin and finding new ways to share it with the world.
    “I wanted to show the good side of Bitcoin” writer Falvey says. “It has so much potential and is a really exciting development in online currencies and as a payment system. As a mum, I wanted to find a way to introduce kids to the idea of financial literacy and The Tale of the Bitcoin Kid was a great way to do this.”

    In particular making it accessible to ALL people across the globe.

    Top 5 things Author Joanne Falvey LOVES about Bitcoin

      1. That it’s Open Source- Bitcoin is like the Internet of money decentralized and open for all to use. No one country, individual or business holds authority over bitcoin.
      2. I love that the blockchain is a public ledger for all eternity. It’s a lot more than a currency.
      3. The blockchain is constantly being improved, with lots of exciting updates scheduled for 2017.
      4. I started investing at thirteen and love learning about markets and investment vehicles. There is so much upside and opportunity to Bitcoin, It’s scarce, versatile and not inflationary.
      5. It’s not exclusive, it’s inclusive. Any one in any country can hold it or transfer it to anyone, anywhere with a wallet.

      Other reasons: so easy to use, can transfer between accounts and countries in a matter of seconds without a banking or financial service 3 rd party.

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