Revolutionary Bit

$ 10,000.00
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    • Revolutionary Bit - Art  Bitcoin Store
    • Revolutionary Bit - Art  Bitcoin Store

    Revolutionary Bit

    $ 10,000.00
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    "Revolutionary Bit" uses the imagery of a Continental Currency paper bill that entitles the bearer to receive Two Spanish Milled Dollars and a gold coin of 1793. Floating above that is the Bitcoin logo in metalic gold with everything surrounded by abstractions in color as if in a landscape of ideas. Produced by Ray Istre.

    This piece is made with Golden Brand Acrylic Paint on Acid Free Paper that is mounted to art quality canvas board, 11 inches x 14 inches.

    "Love the bitcoin art!" - Dominic Frisby giving artist Ray Istre the highest praise for his art.

    Ray Istre's art features the iconic Bitcoin logo and historical forms of money, framed by abstract design. The abstractions express what we do not fully understand about the value of money. We take it for granted that it will be accepted as payment for goods or services.

    We can know that the Bitcoin money supply is based on math, which is logical. In contrast, the relentless manipulation of the traditional money supply by international bankers colluding with government is not logical, unless logic dictates a forced payment, through interest and inflation, for things not supported by the governed. That is the logic of tyranny where freedom is banned. 

    Bitcoin and such currencies offer independence from the monopolistic pyramid scheme of tyranny and should be embraced by freedom loving people everywhere.

    See articles, web site.

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