The Best Features of Crypto Stickers

  • They are made of high-quality vinyl which means they are resistant to wear and tear
  • They can withstand the harshest of weather conditions including rain
  • Being waterproof, they can be easily cleaned
  • Top quality bitcoin stickers can make a stand-out statement on any surface including servers, laptops, workstation, on the exterior of a glass door or window, indoors and so on.
  • These cryptocurrency stickers are easy to peel off and leave no residue after peeling.

Explore the range of classic Round Bitcoin Stickers that feature matte exterior and weather-resistant finish. These classic round stickers give your case a complete style makeover. Printed out of sheet vinyl, the bitcoin sticker is covered with a transparent film that is of high quality that enhances both the style quotient as well as durability and cut to shape.

Go ahead and personalize the look on your server, workstation, laptop or notebook to enable instant transactions without the need for central authority.

The bitcoin sticker measures 6x6 cm, but based on the design, the size can vary, however, either the width or the height is always 6 cm. The bitcoin sticker is easy to remove, does not stain any surface and does not tear when being removed.

Bitcoin accepted here stickers

Or choose from the wide repertoire of Bitcoin accepted here stickers. Promote your bitcoin business and proclaim the ease of transaction with these high-quality “Bitcoin accepted here” stickers. These are highly durable and waterproof, ideally suited for merchants of all kinds. Applicable on glasses, the inside of windows or other transparent surfaces, the bitcoin sticker has been printed on vinyl that is self-adhesive. With protective PVC coating, the bitcoin sticker is easy to peel off leaving no residue or tears.

Satoshi Nakamoto and bitcoin heart sticker

Honour Satoshi Nakamoto, the originator of cryptocurrency, with this bright and stunning bitcoin sticker; you can honour the powerful creator or declare your love with a Bitcoin heart sticker. What better way to show your love and display how much of a bitcoin fan you are than this appealing heart-shaped bitcoin sticker. The 3-inch-wide bitcoin heart sticker can be a perfect add-on to any surface!