"I've been painting all my adult like. It is what I come back to time and again, regardless of what else is going on in my life, whether business, politics, writing, even Nascar and endurance racing.


I work to create art that speaks to me, that speaks for me, that reaches out beyond me to others.


Over time I have gone from crayons and charcoal on paper, to oil and acrylic on canvas, to working with the tools of technology at my daily disposal, including MacBook Pro & iPhone, from which I create very unique, compelling, and personal works ...


... works that push the envelope, that speak of the human condition and the people who condition humanity. All from a foundation of passion. A passion both for the tools I use and the subjects I focus on.


To me, art is passion. My passion. And my work is all about the pursuit of that passion."


- Pierre Bourque