A Brief History

The revolutionary bitcoin watches were created in 2014 by Cryptomatic as part of the modern Hodler watch collection. The name Cryptomat denotes crypto-diplomat and feature limited edition luxury watches handcrafted to perfection. The first of bitcoin watches designed uniquely to honour cryptocurrency can be bought only by paying in bitcoins. The revolutionists who brought about the bitcoin movement were the inspiration behind these bitcoin watches. A brief bearish period that was soon taken over by skyrocketing popularity of cryptocurrency brought back the world’s attention to the bitcoin “badges of honour” such as Cryptomatic bitcoin watches.


The Cryptomatic bitcoin watches preserve the mechanical old world technology with no use of electronics, digital dials or batteries. The gears of the Cryptomatic bitcoin watches are made from ruby metal, springs, and jewel bearings, all of which reduce friction. Glass is what goes into the back denoting cryptocurrency’s transparency with the public ledger and proof of transaction. The elegant Cryptomatic bitcoin watches reflect the virtual currency with binary digits. Painstakingly handcrafted with precision engineering, these bespoke bitcoin watches feature stainless steel enclosure along with sapphire crystal that allows the user to see the functioning mechanism.

All Cryptomatic bitcoin watches come with straps made of 316L stainless steel featuring butterfly clasp, but the user can also choose a strap made of authentic leather.

The highest grade of stainless steel that is employed in aerospace and high-tech industries ensure there is optimum resistance to weather damage or corrosion. These beautifully designed Cryptomatic watches are available in different finishes including satin, brush, and gloss. The 21 jewels in the watch produce 21,600 vibrations every hour with a power reserve of 52 hours.

The best feature of the BTC watches is that you can pay through Bitcoin! More than 98% of people who have bought these Cryptomatic bitcoin watches have paid using bitcoin.

With an incredibly solid build and undisputable mastery of the Japanese engineering, these bitcoin watches are a pleasure to wear and to gift. The user can register for a lifetime warranty by scanning the printed QR code on the customer card.

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