Bitcoin Passes $400! Offering 20% off all products!

The bitcoin battle is intense. The bulls and the bears are fighting each other. The speculators from Wall Street are shoving the price around. Threats of forking are abound. Bitcoinland is like the Wild West, no one really knows what's going to happen next.

Despite this, we are bullish on bitcoin. No matter how many times bitcoin forks, or doesn't, the technology behind it will always be with us. Heck, the technology might even become stronger if bitcoin breaks into competing factions and compete with each other for the best viability.

We'd like to celebrate the crossing over of the bitcoin price back into the $400 mark. There's nothing special about the price of $400. It could drop below at any minute. It could go to $1,000, who knows. But we would like to celebrate bitcoin's durability.

When you buy any bitcoin clothing, mugs, or phone cases from us this week and pay in bitcoin, use coupon code bitcoinpasses400 for 20% off anything!

Don't forget that we ship internationally! We ship all orders within 3 business days. Domestic orders arrive within a week, international orders arrive in 1-3 weeks. Thank you for your business!


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