Introducing the Blockchain Official T-Shirt

Today we are pleased to announce our newest bitcoin t-shirt, the Blockchain Official tee:


The bitcoin blockchain is a beautiful technology protocol that allows people to store information in an incorruptible way on an immutable global ledger. The ledger can store information, such as details about who owns what. The ledger can also be used to store information about contracts.

A contract cannot be counterfeited, forged, destroyed, or tampered with once it is hashed into the bitcoin blockchain. This gives people an amazing opportunity to verify contracts for business and personal dealings. Anyone can look back and verify those contracts on the blockchain. So once the information or contract is hashed into a block, it will be there forever. So far, people have used the blockchain for health care records, land titling contracts, determining physical ownership of precious metals, diamonds, and art. In addition, the blockchain has been used to officiate and record wedding and marriage contracts and vows.

The first wedding on the bitcoin blockchain happened on August 5th, 2014 between David Mondrus and Joyce Bayo. The wedding, officiated by the crypto Jeffrey Tucker, was held at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, where the newly weds submitted their nuptials to the blockchain.

This t-shirt is for anyone who is willing to solidify their resolve on the blockchain.


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